Flamenco Dancer: Seville, Spain 2001

Flamenco Dancer: Seville, Spain 2001

For three straight nights in Seville we went to see Flamenco dancers. The first night was very formal with one dancer, one guitarist and a guy clapping, performing on a stage in front of a group of chairs. I wanted something a bit more raunchy so we kept looking for seedier places. The second night was a club but the whole place seemed very constipated and geared toward tourists. The third night was the best. This joint was in a bar where people drank a lot and listened to the music. There were 6 or 7 dancers. two guitarists and three guys clapping. The dancers had a great time moving about the stage. The woman in the picture was by far the oldest by about twenty years. She had the best moves of the group. While the other dancers were more energetic, and moved in a more free-flowing excited way, this woman managed to move very subltly and communicated with the audience on a far more soulful, intimate level.

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