Fritz: Williston, Vt 2005

Fritz: Williston, VT 2005
This is a recent shot of one of my British Shorthairs. Fritz always walks up the stairs on the right, at the top, shifts to the left and curls his tail araound as he turns left. He does this every time. One day i followed him up the stairs and saw the shot, only I did not have my camera with me at the time. I loaded my camera, picked him up went down to the bottom of the stairs and set him down. As always he walked up the very same way and I shot a few frames as he turned the corner.

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  1. You have some really wonderful photos here. I really like the recent ones of Spain. You seem to have a gift for capturing people.

    I’m surprised I stopped to comment on a cat photo, but I really like this one! I guess I couldn’t decide which one to comment on because I really like so many of them…


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