Francoise: Paris 2002

Francoise Posted by Hello

Three years ago Sharon and I went to Paris in early April. It was my first trip to that beautiful city. We stayed on the left bank at a small quaint hotel and every night before going to bed we would hang out at this bar on the rue de Buci for a few drinks. Each time while we were there Francoise would drop by and try to sell us stuff from this briefcase. She had very interesting products but we always declined. It occurred to me that I was declining because I was uptight and feared of being ripped off by a street pedlar, but her stuff was really nice. The next night she came by again and this time we bought a beautiful jewelled ball point pen for $25. She puased to have a drink and told us a bit about herself. She said that she used to be a physiotherapist but found it stifling and branched out to this line of work which she found far more satisfying. She loved being an independant entreprenuer. Her nightly route took her to the Champs de Lysee, le Marais and the left bank. She said it paid better than her other career and she met a better class of customer in these bars. Francoise told me her birthday was approaching and would I email her a “happy birthday” I said I would as she left to continue on her route. On May 11, I sent her an email enclosed with this picture on her birthday and she replyed thanking me a few weeks later.

Usually I take pictures of people on the street, sometimes they ask me to send them a copy, I always do, but except for Francoise, I have never recieved a reply. People are funny. I think I will post a few of these images next.

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