Pino and His Family: Rome 2004

Pietro’s and his Family Posted by Hello

Sharon and I were having lunch at this resturant in the Travestere section of Rome. Pino and his family were sitting at the table behind us. He stood up and began to take a shot of his family when Sharon asked him if he wanted one including himself. He said if it was no bother, he would love it and I got up to take the picture. I took two shots and then asked them if he would mind me taking one with my camera. Although a bit surprised, he agreed to it. Afterward he told me he was a professional photojournalist and gave me his card. We chatted a bit and his mother said the next time we were in Rome we should stay with them. You know, I did not take this remark seriously but I would have loved it. Upon my return to Vermont, I processed the film and noticed this frame on the contact sheet. I rather liked it so I printed one and sent it to him via email. I never heard back from him so either he never got it, he hated it, or simply neglected to write back. (As I said in previous posts, this comes as no surprise.) Actually this shot has grown on me and I will be including it on my website update.

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