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Sometimes after working in a place too long you always say “Gee, I should write a book about this place.” Since I was a photographer, I decided one summer day after a bout with intolerable boredom to photographe every employee in the hospital, all 3000 of them. Feeling very brave, I went to my boss, showed him a sampling of the photographs and told him of my plan. “It’s the hospital’s 50th anniversary,” I said, “wouldn’t it be great to publish a book of all these photographs to honor the employees?” He actually liked the idea and told me to go see this official who was in charge of the 50th anniversary celebrations. This guy also liked the ideas but as we all know, the higher one is up the ladder, the greater the brown nose factor. After telling me what a great idea it was, he then suggested dropping the pictures of the emplyees and adding pictures of the medical department heads, administration, and Board of Governers. ” And stop with the crap about cutting off the tops of their heads. Lets just have straight portrait photos.” he said.

“Ya” I said as I thought how to quietly forget about the whole project. I never brought up the subject again.

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