Frank Posted by Hello
Frank had a slow walk, — very slow. He reminded me of the “Mummy” out for an evening stroll. Since my studio was between the autopsy room and the pathologist’s offices, he passed by quite frequently, always with a cardboard box in his hand. Frank worked for the Pathology Department helping Boris in the autopsy room. Their job was to remove tissue (parts) from cadavers for the pathologists to examine. Since he was always carrying this box, I always suspected it to contain human parts although I was never quite sure. In fact I was never quite sure of anything about Frank.

One day while I was photographing one of the pathologists for my book he knocked on the door with a message for the doctor. As usual he had the box in his hand and in his slow sedated long term medicated drawl had a brief conversation with the doctor about some matter or another. The doctor left and Frank stayed. He asked me about my job and I asked him if I could take his picture. While I was photographing him he said that before working in the hospital, he had been an RCMP undercover policeman investigating organized crime in Montreal. He said that his cover had been discovered by the Mob and that there was a contract out for him. His present job of assisting Boris in the autopsy room was only temporary until the RCMP reassigned him. He expected his next assignment would be on loan to the CIA to infiltrate certain black nationalist terrorist groups in Los Angeles.
Yah, Frank was one strange guy but I wished I had asked him about what was in the box.

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