Mrs. Caiserman

Mrs. Caiserman Posted by Hello

My disapointment did not last long. With the encouragement of John Max. I decided to do it anyway for the hell of it. I would grab people in from the halls and ask them to pose. Each session would only last about 15 minutes and my weekends and evenings were spent developing and printing. Every now and then someone would get pissed off at me because they did not like their picture but for the most part things went well. I noticed two things.

Most of the people who I photographed were immigrants/refugees who came to Canada after the Second World War. They all had a story to tell. It was fascinating listening to them.

I had put up 5×5 photos on my studio wall for editing and most of the people while having their pictures taken saw them. They all liked the pictures of everybody else but not their own.

By the time I finished, I had photographed over 1000 doctors, nurses, housekeeping staff, technicians, office staff, security guards, researchers, students and secretaries

Mrs. Caiserman was a sweet lady who worked as a technician in one of the pathology labs.

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