Tree: Near Phillipsburg, Quebec: 2004

Tree:Quebec, 2004 Posted by Picasa

This tree is near Phillipsburg on Rt. 133 between Vermont and Québec. Ever since I moved here in 1992, I look at it as I travel to Montreal for my weekly Tai Chi class with Sam. I had always wanted to photograph it but conditions were never right. Once, it was a very foggy day and the tree looked maginficent, but I did not have my camera with me. For 364 days a year I am never without a camera, but this one day it was foggy and beautiful as I drove by and I was cameraless. Another day , the light was incredible, with sunlight bursting through holes in the clouds in bands of light but it was early spring and the ground was all chopped up and muddy before planting. It ruined the shot. I waited patiently and last summer. It looked different. The light was flat and hazy, the corn fields had obscured everything but the tree from this angle and I stopped the car and took the shot. It looked good but I still look at this tree everytime I go to Montreal. One day i will photograph it again.

Personal Note: No Brian, you do not have to pay me. I saw your blog on the Mazurka with the reference about my “club sandwich period” and burst out laughing. Still chuckling, I searched recent pictures for something new to post, even though I am still “blocked”, but I thought you deserved this.

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