Sushi Rok: West Palm Beach

Every now and then, I find a restaurant that I love. Usually it is because there is a dish or two that I absolutely love. I even choose the place to eat based on what I want to eat. That’s just my shtick. The neurotic part is now I worry about the place succeeding.

About ten years ago I loved a place in New York called Dosanko because of a dish called Yaki Soba. Every time we went to the City, we would go there and order Yaki Soba. It was a small mid-town chain and they were all slightly different but the food was always good. One day, we arrived in New York, checked in to the hotel, changed, and went out to Dosanko for lunch. It was gone! They were all gone! That was the last Yaki Soba I ever had until last year when we discovered Sushi Rok in West Palm Beach. They had Yaki Soba and although different from Dosanko, it was just as good. Now that I live in WPB in winter. We eat there about once a week. Hence the photo which was taken there a few weeks ago

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