Vizcaya: Miami, Florida 2006

Vizcaya is an estate just outside of Miami which was built at the beginning of the twentieth century by the founder of John Deere. It is opulent, lush, conspicious, and sits on acres of land filled with luscious gardens surrounding a very innocious simple palace. It was given to the state of Florida some years back and now is used for tourism and is also leased out for weddings, bar-mitzvas, state functions, etc. On Sundays wedding photographers use it as a background for their photos and the place is crawling with soon-to-be brides in their wedding gowns, having their pre-wedding portraits done. I love the place because of it’s beautiful gardens. It reminds me of Europe.

On this Sunday the place was filled with the usual brides and Sunday strollers. This kid was having a bad day, and resented being schlepped along by his parents. He seemed to prefer just being someplace else and he reminded me of those days when i was his age and just wanted to be anywhere else than where I was.

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