"Hey Dude"

For years, people have seen me walking around with a camera strung around my neck and saying clever things like “hey mister, take my picture?” I used to ignore them but not anymore. Now I get right into it, so when this group of kids saw me walk by on the Lake Worth Beach pier one late afternoon in February minding my own business with this black camera strung around my neck and one of em yells out “Hey dude, take my picture?” and they all crack up laughing until I turn around and get into my “Mark Focus schtick” (Anyone ever seen Putney Swope?) and say Ya! who’s first? They all shrank away except this guy who said “Why not?” and I took 4 or 5 shots until he began to get a bit nervous. I guess he never expected to get his face published on my blog but here it is. Cocky sort of guy, but still polite, thanking me as I moved on. It struck me though that here was this teenager hanging around Lake Worth Beach at 5:00 PM on a Wed. afternoon after school. Probably didn’t want to go surfin’ but here he was in Feb. afternoon hanging out on a beach. This was truly a different planet than the one I grew up on. In winter, after school in Montreal meant drinking a coke at Bellman’s, putting on my pea jacket and shivering my way home with my shoulders scrunched up to my ears and my hands in my pockets trying to look cool as if the fucking cold didn’t really bother me. Ha! I felt it right to my balls.

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