Sunset: Palm Beach Florida, 2006

Yesterday, my friend Brian ( sent me a few emails while he was procrastinating in the process of writing in his blog. Seems like a nice thing to do and we had a few clever repartee’s (spelled right?). In any case I read it today and loved every word. I also loved the photos of Mary and she truly did inspire one to lust after her, even if the images were blurred.

Why am I writing this stuff? Who really knows, but check it out.

Life sometimes is so relaxing and peaceful. I finish working, go for a walk, end up in Palm Beach walking along the ocean and see these people chilling out just like me. It wasn’t a memorable shot but it really was a nice day.

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  1. Hey David! Good stuff here. Your photographic style would serve very well to make illustrations to Franz Kafka’s novels, and I have to say that I would like to see the face of Joseph K, the Land Surveyor and his two assistants, or one or two rooms in the Castle.

    For a Quartet, I think you would need to introduce more variation of tempo and mood. Some presto agitato, for example, a short allegro and perhaps even an allegro furioso.

    But perhaps this would be to change the nature of what you are doing, even break the artistic unity, the thread of resigned melancholy which connects it all together.


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