Kit: New York, 2006

In New York, there is a museum for everything. So it came as no surprise that at the corner of Delancy and Orchard street in the East Village lay the Tenement Museum. I could pay an admission, and take a guided tour of the tenements as they were at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately it was 95° and very humid that day and we chose to stay outside. On the corner was the museum store and Sharon went inside. I wanted to stay on the street but I reluctantly followed her in and as it usually happens on these ocassions, Sharon goes somwhere that I think is boring, I mindlessly follow her thinking I will miss an opportunity for an interesting picture and stumble on a little “treasure”.

Kit was behind the counter and immediately started talking to me about my camera and in no time I had learned that her ex husband was a photographer and like myself was no longer able to get the black and white pappers and chemicals that we had been using for most of our lives and reluctantly switched to digital and never regretted it. When she told me that her ex-husband photographed her a lot, I could not resist asking her to pose and she eagerly accepted. She was a natural before the camera and I absolutely love this image of her.

She gave me her email address so I could send her a copy but when I did so, it was returned so unless she stumbles upon this blog and sees it, she never will know what a good subject she was.

Thank you Kit


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  1. Didn’t they hand out those fans with ads for the funeral home on them?

    My Granny’s only form of airconditioning was those paper fans on big “tongue depressors” there must have been a hundred of them in her house.


  2. I wonder whether you were at the Tenement Museum at the same time as my daughter Katy, who made it one of her “things to do before I leave NYC this summer” after finishing grad school. She visited on a very hot day this July.


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