Sam: Montreal. 2006

Sam is my Tai Chi Instructor and also my second oldest friend. Since I hardly hear from my oldest friend anymore because he seems to have disappeared, Sam probably is now my oldest friend along with Brian. Brian, ( I hardly see anymore because he lives in Vancouver and rarely travels, but we correspond regularly via email. It would be nice to have a picture of him here also but I would have to go to Vancouver to take it. I really don’t remember who I’ve known longer but I met them around the same time 45 years ago. (Actually, Brian was in my grade 9 class but I didn’t hang out with him then.) But I digress…

I took this picture of Sam last week when I was in Montreal. I bought a new small camera (Panasonic Lumix LX2 If anyone gives a shit) and was dying to try it out. Sometimes I go places and am too lazy to schlep along a camera and “the shot of a lifetime” is missed. This happens about once a week so I bought this small camera so I would always have it with me whenever another opportunity occurred. Since I bought it, I have never stumbled upon another ” shot of a lifetime”, even though I always have the camera with me. I suppose I have to forget to bring it along when the next “occurance” happens. But I digress again…

Anyhow I am visiting with Sam and had it along and he kindly condesended to let me take his picture.

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