The Slaughterhouse District: Rome 2006

The more you visit a place the more you see. The first time we went to Rome we had to check out all the sights; The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Coluseum, etc. The second time you visit the minor sights and finally you get to see the city itself. Now we just hang out and visit neighborhoods that are free from tourists. Sharon suggested the slaughterhouse district and me naive as I am believed it to be similar to the meat packing district in NYC. You know- yesterday’s grime is today’s young hip spot. Not quite. It really was the slaugterhouse district. Tenements, graffitti infested warehouses, etc. The only thing interesting was a 130 year old restaurant which specialized in innards and roman roadkill.

As is our custom, these tours fill one s bladder and the proper thing to do is go into a bar, buy a drink and use the facilities. In this district it really didn’t matter because any side street would do but we stuck to our plan. This spot was owned by two guys and while sharon used the toilet, I shot a few shots of the guys and sipped on a bottled water. Tha’t what I really like about this town. Everybody’s so cool. We spent the afternoon wandering around and then walked over to Travastere for the evening but that’.s another sory.

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