Dorothy: Montreal, 2006

Noel had asked me to photograph himself and Dorothy last year as part of an historical website that they were working on together. They needed some shot to put up on it. At the appointed time, Noel showed up and Dorothy did not. He told me she was reluctant to have her picture taken by someone she did not know. I ended up taking pictures of Noel and eventually he showed one to her and all of a sudden she wanted me to do hers also. We made a few arrangements but they were always being cancelled for one reason or another. Finally Noel emailed me and told me she was ready. I told him I was headed to Florida for the winter and it would have to be Friday or bust.

The meeting was set but the day before she tells him that something came up and she could not make it. I said enough, she’s not interested in having her picture taken and Noel agreed. Last night he emails me and says her plans have changed and she wants it done as agreed on Friday, so the next day off to Montreal I go to take her picture.

It was a dark rainy day, her office is in a basement and there is very little light so I shot her using the ceiling lights which was all there was. She was very nervous for the first 4 or 5 frames but then she began to warm up. She was a natural! In all I took about 200 frames of her.

It was worth the wait.

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