A Night on Clematis

It was a dull night. We went down to Clematis Street to have some food and see what was going on. Usually on Thursdays they have live music at the fountain and people sit around drinking beer and enjoying the show. Last night was different. Instead of music, they had mutes telling stories in sign language while a translator told the stories to the other 98% of the audience that could hear.

We decided to take a walk up the street before going home and stumbled upon Frank Eddie playing in front of a bar called Bonds. We sat down had a drink and watched the show. A couple of junkies were watching and one of them sat down in front of Frank and passed out. The emergencey rescue vehicle came and revived him. It was the biggest emergency rescue vehicle I had ever seen. It was the size of a fire engine. While this was going on, couples walked by, some looked, some danced, and Frank never missed a beat. Whatever song he was singing, he altered the lyrics to describe what was happening in front of him. He was smooth, very smoooooth.

Eventually they got the junkie on his feet and he stood up and waved goodbye to Frank and sauntered off as if nothing had happened. Sharon and I had another drink as more people walked by. A mother swinging her little girl around, a tap dancer waltzed by, some teenagers filmed Frank with their DVR while their boyfriends sipped beer from a plastic cup, an elderly couple holding hands and finally this couple.

I had seen them before at various free concerts. They just show up and start jitterbugging. He tosses her around in a very slick professional manner and I had always thought they were professionals but he told me later they just like an audience. Wow! exhibitionists! And good ones.

It was a great night. When we left, Frank asked me to email him some pictures but when I got home, I went to his site only to find his email link was not working. Now I have to make him some prints.

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