Atlantic Avenue: Delray Beach Florida

I’m getting bolder these days. I used to be very shy about taking people’s photographs on the street but not any more. I am a bit more invisible as I get older and I think nobody ever notices me anymore but I’m wrong.
While walking down Atlantic Avenue in Delray the other day, I spotted this young woman, standing outside of a bar on the opposite side of the street. I took a quick shot and continued down the street. We were on our way to the Lemongrass Resturant for lunch. Afterwards we walked back up the opposite side of the street and this girl was still standing outside of the bar. When I walked by, she asked me if I had taken her picture before and I answered that I had because I liked the color of her dress. She smiled and I asked her if I could take a few shots of her again. She agreed and I did.
Whatever happened to my shyness?

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