Korean Resturant: Lake Worth, FL

Fucking Super Bowl
Miami is sixty miles away but the Super Bowl Special Event orgy of low end entertainment for the permanently brain dead reaches all the way up to West Palm Beach. We usually go down to Clematis Street every thursday night for some sushi and a free concert but this week its the Super Bowl and things are a bit different. They had announced that an official Super Bowl event was scheduled for this evening on Clematis Street and it drew a crowd,- a very large crowd. It was so large in fact that we could not find a parking spot and the only spots available were private ones at bush prices (whatever they could get). All of the Super Bowel special events focus on a combination of drinking, selling of souvenirs, and staring at tits. Not much else, so we were not missing anything by leaving. We decided to drive to Lake Worth and find a quiet refuge there, but it wasn’t any better. There were still crowds all over the place drinking, screaming, and barfing, To make matters worse, most of the eating places were unusually crowded so after wandering around for a while we found this Korean Place at the end of the street that was empty. After looking at the menu, it was clear why this place was empty. It was authentic enough to keep a horde of beer guzzling, adolescent boors at bay. Quiet enough for us though so we got into the menu. While waiting for the food, I saw this shot and snapped it.

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