Carnivale: Coral Gables, Florida

Sometimes there is just nothing happening. Saturday in Miami was a creative bust. After arriving there around noon, we spent the better part of the afternoon getting lost. We stumbled upon these beautiful gardens outside of Coral Gables in late afternoon so we decided to hang out these for a while but upon arriving, we were told that the park was closing in 20 minutes. It was turning out to be just one of those days. where you are 20 minutes behind everything.

So needing a late afternoon coffee, we ended up in downtown Coral gables just before sunset. We parked and walked around a corner and there it was. Thousands of Columbians getting ready for their Mardis Gras parade in downtown Coral Gables. It was great! Lots of color, lots of music, lots of dancing to latin rhythms, gorgeous women shaking their beautiful butts to the music as they waited for the parade to begin. One lady told me that this was the first time they were doing this thing in America but it was a regular thing in Columbia and they hoped it would become a regular fixture here. They had my vote.

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