Teens on the Beach: Hollywood Florida, 2007

We had spent the day in Coral Gables and decided to drive back along A1A (the coastal road) and watch the scenery. A1A is not a scenic road between Miami and Boca Raton. It is littered with high rises condos, hotels, restaurants serving bad food, fishing piers, more condos, beachwear stores, bars, surf shops and on and on for 30 miles. The amazing thing is that just behind it is the Atlantic — one long beach that stretches from south of Miami all the way up the coast of Florida. Every now and then there is a sort of ally with a small sign that says “BEACH” which is the access to the shore for the public. Somewhere in Hollywood, I saw one of these signs and stopped to have a look. It was on a small road with small shacks renting rooms for $45/night and all around were ultra-tanned French Canadians hanging out in the bar, toasting themselves on the beach, or just plain hanging out.

I walked through this small strip of land between a bar and small motel and saw the beach. There was a road that went along for miles with the beach one one side and an endless series of bars, beach shops, ice cream parlors, and tacky motels. It was great! Just at the end was a lifeguard shack with four teenagers hanging out.


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