Party Girls: Hollywood, FL

The boardwalk (stone walk) in Hollywood, Florida is a mix of cheap bars, cheep tee shirt shops, cheap restaurants and cheap motels. It caters to a mostly blue collar crowd of French Canadians, mid westerners and students. Where else can you get a hotel room on the beach for $39.95 per night? I actually like the place because it is kind of real as opposed to the pretentiousness of Palm Beach. One early evening as we walked along beach path we came across a band playing in front of one of those cheap motels which catered to mostly students. These girls were in their best Paris Hilton wannabee mode and were dancing, drinking and basically partying it up. When they saw me taking pictures they began to play up to the camera and I took the shot.

In America of the 21st century, bad is in. Paris Hilton, rockers with tattoos all over their bodies and faces, bikers with “eat me’ tee shirts, junkies, and bad-ass rap singers are our role models. I wonder if this is all a reaction to those ultra right wing righteous morally correct bigoted assholes who seem to be running things these days. If that is the case, God bless ’em.

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