Dog: Somewhere in Portugal

I am working on my website which I am in the process of updating. I really like this picture but it does not fit in with my site design. The problem is that it is vertical and it just does not fit in with the other images so here it is— on its own.

Actually, I am a big believer in single images. Somewhere along the way, galleries and the public that follows their lead decided that themes or stories were the next big thing. They might have a point, but there is still room for a single image every now and then.

This was some small fishing village in Portugal (I cannot remember the name) that had absolutely no charm, tourists, historical sights or quaint restaurants. It was beautiful and was oozing of soul. The air was cool (it was mid November) but in the sun, you would never feel it. As we walked along through the town, I noticed this dog was just hanging out, sleeping in the middle of the road but as we approached, it got up, gave me a final look and walked away. We were strangers in this town— even for dogs.

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