Montreal Winter

Small Cameras

For the past few years, I have been using small cameras which I can carry in my pocket when I am too lazy to schlep along my regular one. I had bought a Contax TVS III sometime around 2000 and usually it stayed at home as I wandered around all over the place saying “Why the fuck did I leave the camera at home” or similar elegant phrases. (read this) But every now and then it would end up in my pocket and every now and then I would be lucky enough to have it when a brilliant picture opportunity occurred.

Last week I received an email notifying me that I had won a prize at the Px3’s Human Condition Competition, Prix de la Photographie Paris and that I would be included in a group show this spring in LA and New York and perhaps Europe later this year. I did not remember which photo I had entered so I logged onto their site and was surprised to discover my image was one taken a few years ago with my Contax. I have mentioned this event a couple of years ago (click here) in a previous blog. I never considered it one of my best but it seemed to fit the theme of the competition so I entered it.

Lately I have been using a Canon G9 as a pocket camera and although it takes a pretty good picture, it does not function very well at night because of the noise which is common with small digital cameras at high ISO’s. But when I convert the image to black and white, it has a nice grainy effect which I like. I have exhibited a few of these images taken with these small cameras at my recent show in Italy and also there are a couple on my web site.

The photo at the top was taken last week in Montreal. I had to go there for a family function and although I dread going north in the winter, I felt I had to be there. As usual, Montreal in winter is miserable, damp and dim in every way. This photo was taken with my little Canon G9 from the 16th floor of my hotel room in late afternoon on a typical Montreal, February day.

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