The more I visit Miami, the more I like it. Sharon and I went down there last week to photo Miami 08 which was a show of about 120 Photo dealers from around the world. The day before we had gone to Art Basel 08 which was for art dealers from all over which took place in Miami Beach but then at the end we found out about the photo show so we returned the next day. Photo Miami took place in an area of town which we had never been to before. It was what they called the art district (I never knew they had one) which was right next to the design district which I had heard of before.

The show was interesting enough but what also got my attention was the neighborhood which was in transition from being working class Cuban to high chic art gallery, coffee house stuff. I liked the Cuban part.

We parked the car and walked a few blocks to the entrance of the show and passed this guy along the way. He was sitting in a chair in front of this painted house (It was covered with painted leaves) smoking a cigar. In the yard was this jungle of beautiful plants, sculpture and small paths. I wanted to take a picture of him but I wasn’t sure if he would smile or shoot me so we walked on.

After the show, on our way back, we walked by this place again. He was still smoking a cigar, leaning on a chain fence and talking to two guys in Spanish. As we walked by he said “ola” and smiled. Sharon stopped and told him she admired his garden and he excused himself from the two guys and invited us in to have a look. It was a beautiful mixture of foliage and art with very strange sculptures such as giant cobwebs, farm machinery, and sculptured plants mixed with fauna. We spent about half an hour wandering around and he told us that the place was owned by a sculptor who lived in New York and he just looked after it and planted things. He was a gardener but quite the artist.

I had my new tiny pocket camera with me so I took his picture.

We will probably check out this area in more detail when we go back in a few weeks.

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