Pretty Pictures

I have always had a problem with scenic landscape photography. First of all, it did not fit my character. I am impulsive, passionate, high strung and sloppy. I always assumed landscape photographers to be methodical, thorough, patient and overly technical in nature. It might not be accurate but it is always the impression that I got from looking at their photographs. The best of them, like Ansel Adams are undeniable great photographers but there are very few of their images that I personally consider great (Moonrise, Hernandez New Mexico is an exception). There is just something missing from them. That’s just me.

I tend to shoot landscapes from time to time but I never print them. I stumble along looking for something interesting— nothing is happening, so I see something pretty and shoot it—just to pass the time. When I look at the images at home, they are the first ones I reject. I have millions of em (at least thousands).

This time I approached it differently. having found myself artistically blocked for the hundredth time, I decided to look at things differently. Landscapes and nature came to mind and I realized that if I looked in that direction, maybe there would be something of interest there.

This image is from the Wakodohatchee nature preserve in Boynton Beach. The place is crawling with “wildlife photographers” all outfitted in camera vests, tripods, and carrying some some very massive telephoto lenses. They all line up on the boardwalk and shoot the same picture of the same fucking egret or blue heron over and over again. They sneer at me as I walk by and look down on me with contempt—eyes always fixed on my camera with an ordinary small zoom lens. I have lost the pissing contest by at least twenty inches of lens but then again, I am looking in a different direction.

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