nilI don’t consider myself a landscape photographer but I still cannot pass up a good opportunity. This tree is just across the border in Canada along route 133 coming up from Vermont. I have passed it over and over for years whenever I go to Montreal. I took this picture 4 years ago but never paid any attention to it until yesterday when I decided to start “putzing around” with it. Now it looks nothing like the original which is a good thing. The original is actually quite boring and lifeless. (actually, I had taken a photograph of this same tree in 2004 in black and white)

If this was not a digital photograph, I would have spent hours in the darkroom dodging and burning to get this effect and it would have been a black and white image. Fortunately it is a digital image and I spent about an hour dodging and burning it on my computer—the only difference being I don’t have to clean up afterwards. That’s real progress!

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