Michael Jackson Sighting

Central Park: 2009
Central Park: 2009

Is this my Michael Jackson tribute? Not really. Last month, I was in NYC for a few days and as always a visit to Central Park was in order. (I love parks!) There is always something going on there and on this day it was a group of kids doing their own Michael Jackson tribute (He had  died a few days earlier) . Although I was never a big fan, I always loved watching the moonwalk—it was just sooooo cooool. Anyhow, back to parks. What are my top ten parks? Do I have a top ten? How about a top five?

1. Villa Borghese (Rome)

2.Jardin les Tuileries (Paris)

3. Central Park (NYC)

4. Madison Square Park (NYC)

5. le Parc Monceau (Paris)

Come to think of it there are many more parks which would make this list which just goes to show how stupid top ten or top five lists can be. I did start a top five dinner story on my blog last year but got bored with it in no time. I think it should suffice to say I love parks but the bigger question would be why. Perhaps a top five list of why I love parks? Nope.

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