beadsDo you ever ask what makes an image interesting? My old friend, John Max used to say that when you looked at pictures in an exhibition, there were always those that stood out from the crowd. You could walk down a line of paintings or photographs and every now and then, you would stop and look at one of them a bit longer and harder than the rest of them. Those he would refer to as “gems”.  I never forgot that and over the years, that’s how I learned to edit my photographs. In the “old days” I would go over my contact sheets and mark any photograph that even remotely interested me with a grease pencil. I would then make 5×7 prints and pin them to this giant board that I had on one wall of my studio. I would look at these images regularly and from time to time, I would remove those that I no longer found interesting. After a few months, what remained were my “gems.” It’s no different today, only instead of a giant bulletin board, I use Adobe Lightroom. It is even a bit better because not only do my good ones come to the front but themes are also more visible to me. At this moment, I am editing images for my website and separating the pictures into themes. It should be done in a few weeks.

Oh ya. The photograph at the top is of a guy selling beads on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I have no idea why I like it but I cannot discard it. It probably has something to do with the guy wearing sunglasses in the car on the left. I just cannot stop looking at his hand.

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