dogsI thought it was time to update my web site. I always find this process difficult for a number of reasons— the biggest being selection of images. Have I done enough? Are they interesting? Have I gone too far— and so on. It is an endless series of doubt, second guesses, false expectations, agonizing editing, and of course procrastination. Sooner or later though, I come up with a plan and I begin to implement it. This time I settled on a number of different themes such as drinking, buddies, music, etc. I still might change a few of them but one of the first ones to be discarded is a project I am working on entitled “Dogs.”  It’s not that the images are bad, more that I think there is more to be done on this subject.

Over the years, I have discovered that I am drawn to certain subjects or themes in my photographs that I tend to shoot them over and over. On the other hand, other themes  just sort of “appear” in the course of my editing. I seem to have a standard repertoire of subjects which I explore in ever greater detail. One of these is dogs. I just love taking pictures of them. I never set out with the idea of taking pictures of dogs initially— it just sort of happens. I really don’t know why I love this subject but I do know what attracts me to them. It’s their body language. I’m serious! They just have a way of hanging where their shapes, soul, mood, whatever just shouts at me. I suppose this is the personal deep inside sort of stuff that makes me tick but there it is.

This picture was taken in Lafontaine Park in Montreal recently. There seems to be a lot going on  with energy going in all directions. Whenever I do get around to putting this theme on my web site, this one will probably be included. In the meantime, I have to go back to my editing and indecisions. For instance— black & white or color?

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