From the Catalog of Uncompleted Projects

cross_2Next to my good friend Brian Nation, I am the world’s second best procrastinator. My mind is flooded with projects that are never completed and most of them are never even begun. It’s like that great epic movie “Intime” which began in my mind sometime in 1962 and was never even started. All I had was a shot of a woman in Paris— in a park walking as the camera slowly zooms from a wide angle shot to a close-up of her face. She turns her head, her hair moving in front of her face and stared blankly into the lens. That’s It — that’s as far as I got. If I were Steven Speilburg, the next step would have been film school but I am David Saxe and the next step was oblivion.

As a photographer, there are always projects in my head. Some are just fantasies and others end up on my web site. I still have a few bouncing around in my scull  but they are incomplete. Sometimes I just don’t have enough images. One of them is on dogs. I don’t know why I chose dogs. I never even had one (I had a lot of cats though). Another is on umbrellas but that one is hardly started (I only have one picture.) And again, another project is  called “All about God.” This one is almost there. The picture above is the first in the series and by the time I get back from France, hopefully it will be done.

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