St. Jean de Luz

This past fall, Sharon and I spent some time in the Southwest corner of France. We had planed this trip for a while and one of the things Sharon does is check out hotels on the web. This has led us into some interesting places.  This time we had some good, some great and some mediocre. The great was in St. Jean de Luz which is the last place in France before you cross into Spain on the Atlantic coast. It is a small cozy resort town and our arrival was just after the season ended. The place was deserted—which for me is kind of cool. I can’t stand crowds. The hotel was called the Parc Victoria and our first surprise was since the season had ended, and the place was half full, we were upgraded to a suite. So far so good— but it got better. The owner of the hotel was an art deco fanatic and every bit of furniture in the place was first class art deco. From our bed, to the clock on the wall— i mean everything!

The main hotel was in an old Victorian building but it was surrounded by beautiful gardens. Sharon loves gardens so the next morning we took a walk in them and discovered two small buildings. The first one had a sign on the door— “La pavillion des chats”. It was full of cat figurines. There were thousand of them. There were cat coo coo clocks, cat ashtrays, cat carpets, cat cushions on the chairs and a cat telephone. Next to the phone was a sign inviting you to call the restaurant to order drinks which probably would be served in cat glasses. It was all so cool. The other building was on the same theme except this time it was owls. The place was festooned with thousands of owls.

Since most of the restaurants in town had closed for the season, we decided to have one dinner in the 4 star restaurant which was situated in a separate building at the far end of the garden. When we entered, we were greated by a waiter who asked if we would like to have a drink in the lounge before hand.

“Of course.”

We were led into a small room which had three settings of 4 chairs around a coffee table.  Of course the room was decorated entirely in these beautiful art deco furniture, ash trays and other accessories. I was glad I had brought my small EP-1 just in case. The waiter came in and gave us a small choice in wines and champagne . When he returned in a few moments, I snapped a shot as he served our drinks. We were alone in this room as we sipped our wine and enjoyed the view. In about half an hour, he returned and told us our table was ready. The food of course was wonderful, and we decided to have another meal there  before we left for Paris.

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