Ed’s Tiki Hut: Hollywood Beach, FL

I have recently become fond of drinking. I am not a lush or anything like that, but when I say fond of drinking, I really meen fond of taking pictures in bars. One of my galleries on my website called “drink’n” on this subject.  It started about a year ago and I have been working on it ever since. Of course you have to find the right kind of place.  I have been concentrating on sleazy bars lately but why stop there. I think I might move on to “upscale” but  I expect it to be more uptight and the patrons probably would not want to be photographed. I have found that the sleazeier the bar, the more likely they want to be photographed.

This place is called “The Tiki Hut” and it is on the intracoastal A1A across from the Hollywood Beach boardwalk. I had been taking pictures at Hollywood Beach and was on my way home when I spotted this place and turned in. It wasn’t much really— two dogs, Ed (the owner), his wife, a toothless guy and a couple of college kids hitting golf balls into the water—perfect!

Ed asked me what I wanted, A beer I replied and he reached into a cooler and pulled out a can of Miller Light.  I started talking to him and he told me that he had had this place for the past 32 years—even before all the highrises had fucked up the area. He said he didn’t want to do much except hang out, drink beer and watch all the boats go by and if he could make a few bucks selling beer and gas, so be it. I think he was on to something.

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