Sometimes it’s Happening in the Street

A Tango Dancer Warms Up

A few years back Sharon and I were in Rome and while wandering through the Piazza Navonna, we stumbled on this scene. At first we couldn’t figure out what was going on but eventually after doing her stretches, the lady and her partner  laid out a 60×60 foot parameter with some rope, put down a boom box and started doing a Tango. They were great!

The Piazza Navonna is one of my favorite places. In spite of third rate restaurants, with the waiters dragging people off the streets, it stilll is an interesting place because of the entertainment. My favorite is an old guy who does a finger puppet show. He reminds me of Charlie Chaplin (hey have the same blank stare) as he does his slow preparation, setting up his little stage, putting the costumes on his fingers and starting up his boom box. As the music plays, he gingerly moves his fingers around and does a tango—the man on the index and forefinger of his right hand and the woman on the index and forefinger of his left. His finale is a Michael Jackson number including a two-finger moonwalk. The first time I saw him I left $5 in his hat because he was so good. He thanked me. The second time was a year later and he came up to me and said it was nice to see me again. I don’t know If he really recognized me or not but I never saw him do that to anyone else. He was so professional and probably did quite well for a street performer at that location. Unfortunately I have never been able to get a nice photograph of him—at least not one of my standards. I have plenty of pretty tourist shots but none that  I would ever publish or exhibit—except in my new magazine “Voyeur”.

We are both alike in some ways. We both depend on being in the street for our creative  juices

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