Pridefest 2010 Lake Worth

Apparently there is quite a gay scene in Lake Worth Florida. I showed up  this weekend for Pridefest—a celebration of gay life in South Florida. It was quite a turnout and everybody was in good spirits. The leatherboys, drag queens, female bikers, butches, etc. all were on their best behaviour, which is acting out as bad as bad can be.  The best thing is taking pictures of everybody—they are all exhibitionists and posing for pictures is not a problem. Nobody said no—not nobody.  It was interesting because during this past week, the tea-baggers  were out in force against Obama screaming racist slogans, and acting like a bunch of fucking mindless, ignorant Zombie-Nazis (which they are), Our very responsible Republican politicians—never passing up an opportunity to grab a few votes were also there urging them on in their endless campaign to silence the commie hordes which were threatening our way of life. Nothing like fear to get you elected. (Isn’t that how Hitler came into power?)

That’s what made Pridefest so interesting. I’m straight but if I have to choose which side I’m on, its easy—a no-brainer

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