A Father Being Pestered by his Children

I just thought I would put something up for the hell of it. Actually its about themes. I seem to be grouping my images into themes lately and one of the projects I am working on is “Kids”. Usually themes just come to me as I shoot. I have been advised by “experts’ that I should try choosing my theme or project first and then go out and search for the images but this method seems to be very stale and lacking in passion. Its more akin to an academic approach to photography for which I have limited use for these days. I like to group my images afterward and that’s that .

For instance, late last year, I noticed that I was shooting a lot of images of religious icons. I first thought it would be cool to do a series on God but on second thought I noticed that the more interesting photos were of images of Jesus and how he is seen and used throughout the US. I will be putting these images up on my web site in the near future along with “Dixie Highway” and “Kids”.

Incidently, projects always have a beginning and rarely have an end in my world. they just continue on and on until I get bored. Some of my projects have been going on for the past ten years.

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