Street Musician: New York, 2010

Its been a while since I put anything here so I was seriously overdue. We were in NYC earlier this summer, and it is always very stimulating as usual. One thing in abundance there are street musicians—there are many of them, and they are good! It is also the only place where they seem to play Jazz instead of the regular shit. For me that is always worth a few extra bucks. I even hang around to listen to these guys. This one in particular was excellent and Sharon and I listened for about 15 minutes to this guy. (Its a fucking shame, there is not enough work for the good ones.) When we were done, I put 5 bucks in his cap. He nodded thank you, and life continues for better or worse.


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  1. Street musicians is something I like about NYC, too. Like you said – the quality of their musicianship is amazing. Are you familiar with ? This is a blog of a musician who plays the musical saw in the NYC subway. She tells what happens when she plays in the subway and there is also photos and info about many of the other performers in the subway.


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