Ferriers: London, 2010

I had to go to London to find out what a ferrier is. I should have paid more attention to Mrs. Files in my English class.  Of course anyone who had her for an english teacher never listened to anything she said so there ya go. Anyhow we were just walking out of Hyde Park when I noticed a bunch of guys playing tug-o-war in a field so I went over to watch. I took a few pictures of the match and then I noticed a very official looking officer in a black coat watching them so I went over and asked what was going on. The colonel (that’s what he was) told me that the Ferriers and the Lieutenants had a weekly match going that had been happening for most of the last century. ” ferriers usually win.” he added.

“So what is a ferrier?” I innocently asked.

He mentioned that they came from the armory (pointing across the street) and since it was a cavalry brigade, they needed the Ferriers to look after the horses. “ferriers were sort of blacksmiths” he mentioned. I immediately thought of all those mounted soldiers one saw whenever the Queen was up to something and they were her mounted escorts. “They not only shoe the horses but polish the boots and that sort of thing” he added. After chatting for a few minutes, he said, “I’ve got to look after my men” and he politely excused himself.

And there you have it. That is what a ferrier does. I think I still would have asked the Colonel even if I had paid attention in Mrs. Files english class, since  I don’t think the subject ever came up.


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