Young Lady Smoking a Cigarette

Young Girl Smoking a Cigarette: Paris 2010

I have always been interested in photographing things from above. Besides offering an interesting perspective, it also makes the viewer invisible. I mean who looks up? Whenever I am photographing , my first instinct is to seek the higher ground. I know Rodchenko was one of the first artists to explore different camera angles, it continues a fascination for the many photographers that followed.

I really feel sort of like an angel when I am hovering above my subject. They are usually lost in their own thoughts, in their own worlds oblivious to me and my camera. I do this a lot. On one of my more recent posts I also showed an image taken from above. It was also taken in Paris at the same time. It helps when places have elevation. Unfortunately in Florida where I live, it is relatively flat although I still search for staircases, second floors, ladders, etc. to shoot from. It can be done.

I once saw an interview with Ralph Gibson where he talked about  a theme he worked on which consisted of photographs taken from only three feet away. “How original” I thought. Perhaps I should do something similar—photographs from above. If I have to have a theme, it should be simple and free of bullshit. For those of you who insist on photographers having a concrete theme to work from, how about it. Let me know.


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  1. A theme I’ve wanted to explore for many years is to find extraordinarily beautiful women, photograph them naked, and then have sex with them. Another theme that interests me is to have lots of money.


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