Morikami Gardens: A Second Look

Morikami Gardens: Boca Raton FL

Last year, on a very hot, humid day, I visited the Morikami Gardens in Boca. I ended up taking a lot of photographs but when I got home and looked at them, there was absolutely noting of interest—Nada! They all looked like shit. This happens from time to time—I end up shooting a lot and find at the end of the day that I come up empty. Rather then throwing my camera into the ocean though, I have learned to just , as Winston Churchill was fond of saying ” just bugger on through” and try and put the disaster behind me. Since I don’t really shoot on assignment, this is not really a big problem except it negatively affects my ego.

Lately though I have been trying new ways of looking at these “D” list images. Sometimes I will just change them all to B&W and “voila” on occasion, there is something new to look at and it can often be interesting. After looking at this image in black and white, I thought it could be improved by adjusting the contrast. After all I had a darkroom for over 35 years and I picked up a few things over time. I adjusted the contrast and it worked. At least I think so.

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