Projects and Being

Couple: Hollywood Beach, 2011

Whenever I show my work to galleries and curators I have noticed that they are always interested in looking at photographs as series. Naturally there is nothing wrong with this but the truth is I do not really look at images that way. Well sort of. I always have a number of projects going on concurrently and the list is quite long.

Hollywood Beach (a beach in Hollywood, Florida)
Worth Avenue (an expensive shopping area in Palm beach. Florida)
From Above
…and others, many of them.

Not only that but my projects rarely end. I just go on and on and update the photographs with newer ones. I guess it is because I tend to choose my projects in a sort of unconscious way. Its more based on instinct rather than thinking things out. Certain people and places have very strong attractions for me which make me want to photograph them. If anyone asked me why, it would be difficult for me to come up with an answer. Take dogs for instance; everybody likes dogs. I even like dogs but only to look at and pet them every now and then. I never wanted one as a pet. But I am attracted to taking their pictures most of the time and it is hard to explain why—I just do it. However now that I am writing about it in this blog the following thought occurred. Dogs are totally unaware of my taking their pictures and that is part of the attraction. Just like children (another project) who are so into their worlds, I can pass by and observe, photograph and record their actions. I like that feeling, I like the feeling on being invisible and therefore the subject becomes a part of me. I guess the subject is an extension of my being. Wonderful!

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