Italian Wedding: Naples 2006

Recently, I wrote about how depressing it could be when you go somewhere, come back look at your photos, and have this ’empty” feeling that there is simply nothing there.

I thought it would be interesting therefore to go over those series from the past few years once again and have a second look. All those images that were overlooked, discarded, ignored have been resurrected in this project called “Project 14” where for the next 14 days i will posting some of these photographs.

This first photograph was taken in Naples about 5 years ago of an Italian wedding party. I constantly am stumbling upon weddings when I visit Italy (They must be big there). For some unexplained reason, I am compelled to stop, and take a picture of the happy couple. Sometimes, for me they seem to be more than just “wedding photos.” What is more interesting though is that these couples are totally unaware of me taking their photographs.

Look for another photo tomorrow.

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