A Boring Day in Rome (not really)

Day 8, Project 14
Ah, a boring day in Rome. Nothing is going on as I schlep my way up behind the Monument Victor Emmanuel to an obscure little museum which is tucked in behind it. I don’t even remember the exhibit I saw—oh yah M.C. Escher and not a bad one, but when we came out there was this small terrace which overlooked the city and St. Peters in the background. I just took a few quick pictures and forgot about it almost immediately. That was over 5 years ago and suddenly I rediscovered this one. Orgiinally it did not look interesting—they never do but with some work…


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  1. I love the pleasant surprise years later! I find that I am usually not patient enough, or the camera isn’t good enough, or I mistakenly thought I saw something that didn’t really work when I took the picture. Giving myself enough time to forget why I took it in the first place, I can usually find a new picture when I find it again. A new adventure, all over again 🙂


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