Waiters, Piazza Navona: Rome 2006

Day 12, Project 14

The Piazza Navona in Rome is one of the most beautiful squares in the city—or anywhere else for that matter. There is only one problem and that is the endless series of restaurants (tourist traps) that line the square. As one walks through the square, you are continuously accosted by a legion of waiters trying to get you in their establishment.

One time feeling very hungry and adventurous, we actually sat down in one of these dives and immediately regretted it after looking at what the couple at the adjoining table were eating. When the waiter brought water which consisted of a 300 mL plastic bottle, I made a fuss and we were politely asked to leave. We thanked him, he thanked us and we walked to a side street off the piazza and had one of the best meals we ever had in Rome.

This must have been a slow night because these guys are just mulling around—there is absolutely nobody to grab. They tried it with me but all I did was point my camera at them and they went back to pacing around waiting for the next sucker.

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