Woman + Pigeon

Day 14, Project 14
It’s done—14 rejects in 14 days. I still have many more and finding little “gems’ amongst my rejects is an ongoing process. I got tons of ’em. This was a day at les Jardins Luxembourg in Paris. Its one of my favorite parks in all the world (the world that I have seen). What is interesting about parks in Paris is that the people really use them. They are packed with locals and tourists, reading, feeding pigeons, sleeping, playing, making out, and playing chess. It thought it would be a good way to finish off this little project because to me it is the same as being in a park. There are all sorts of things going on (in my head) and the best activities or projects are just sitting in front of me if I choose to see them. All I have to do is take a walk in the park.

“What one rejects is important.” – Robert Frank

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