14th Street, New York City

I think New York has to be one of my favorite cities. There is nothing like it. This photo is 14th Street in Chelsea. The streets are alive, bustling with energy, in motion. There is a certain pulse about it that is unique. Paris, Rome, London, all have their distinct charms but this town is different. Probably because, depending on where you are in this city, there is a bit of Paris, Rome, London, or any other place on earth. This is where all the world meets and it is streets like 14th Street where they sell their goods. I love the merchandise displayed on the sidewalks, the peddlers yelling at you to come in, the whole beat of the place —its like so Jazzy.

This was my second visit to NYC this year. We try to make it an annual event but this year, I wanted to hang out below 26th Street and that is what I did. If someone were to ask me what my favorite activity is these days it would be hanging out. When I was younger I had other desires and yearnings but as an old fart, its just hanging out. Come to think of it, that is how I started out as a youth. Hanging out on Stanley Street in Montreal was where  I started out as a young, met most of my friends, grew up, acted out and most of all found an ever-loving appreciation of just hanging out and watching what was going on in the street. The birth of a voyeur!


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