Somewhere in France

Sometime in the past there was this king in France (one of the Phillipes) who like most kings had a very large ego. Just outside of this hall was a terrace and when he was on it he did not like the view because he thought the river was in the wrong spot so he had it moved to a place of his liking. So here in the 16th century, 10,000 peasants using shovels diverted this fucking river to please their king. He could of used 10,000 peasants to make his palace a bit warmer and cozier, but a king is only interested in big projects. This was his living room but it is devoid of furniture because his decorator was probably in the dungeon.

That was then but this is now. Today very little has changed. There are fewer kings, but many more “investment bankers” whose egos have surpassed the kings of ancient France. Their collective greed has far exceeded the royal greed of yore but just like those ancient rulers who believed their power was ordained from God, these jokers believe their wealth is ordained from their “brilliance”. Perhaps they are right. When they screw up, it is the peasants, (taxpayers) who bail them out and allow them to continue fucking up the country. Perhaps the US should follow the traditions of France and adopt the guillotine.

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