Wedding Crasher

“I always have themes running through my head.”

That’s what Renato told me in 2006. We were sitting in a bar in Brescia and I asked him where his ideas came from and that is what he answered. I never thought of it that way but it crept in and these days, I usually work with a number of concurrent themes. I don’t know always where they all come from but my most recent one is pretty clear.

When I am on holiday in Europe, we are always visiting churches and most of the time, there is a wedding going on. We just arrived in Porec, Croatia and were wandering around the small town. Sharon mentioned that there was a well-known little church in the village (at least that is what the guidebook said) and so we went off to see it. It was closed because there was a wedding going on so left. Unfortunately this being a small town, the street was crowded with family waiting for the bride and groom to exit so we were  stuck in the crowd. Not bad. I started shooting the family members as they waited for the grand arrival. It was what Weegee used to do in New York when he was photographing murder scenes. All the other photographers were shooting the body and he was shooting the crowd.

I loved the shots and so… voila— a theme was born.

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