Getting Married

Finding themes or projects for my photographs is not a difficult task. They just show up—just like cats. I had noticed when I travel or just hang around that I stumble on weddings. Everybody seems to get married. Being a guy with a camera hanging from my neck sometimes makes me seem to fit in so I just hang around. It’s not the bride and groom that interests me though—its the crowd, the guests, the kids,—the whole scene.

So here I was in Salzburg, in a garden and there is a wedding going on. I heard a lot of English so I assumed it was a British couple who had travelled all the way here to get married. As it turned out, the happy couple was visually boring, however I noticed these children hanging around a pond. They were absolutely bored with it all. Wherever they lived, they had been uprooted ands schlepped to Austria and they did not seem to be enjoying it one bit. Just like American kids on holiday with their parents, they probably would prefer staying in their hotel room watching TV. Odd; they did not seem to be enjoying each other’s company either. I am sure their parents either busy ignoring them or wanting to strangle them.

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