More from Hollywood Beach… and other thoughts.

I just uploaded this image to my Facebook Page with the caption, “I wonder if this photo project will ever end?” I have been visiting Hollywood Beach for the past 4 or 5 years and have never run out of images or run short on inspiration. I think that holds true for most of my projects—they just keep going on. For me a good photograph is when what is on the surface disappears and the viewer is left with something else— something which was not apparent on first sight. Therefore whatever subject I choose—my project is secondary to that. It is not really important because all of my images follow this theme. I guess I organize my photographs into themes because sometimes that is what the viewer is comfortable with.

Lately I have been working on Hollywood Beach, Worth Ave. and Dixie Hwy and Solitude. As I said, they are classified into themes but they do not necessarily have to be viewed that way. Every now and then I like to mix them up. My theme list is getting very long these days. Since they tend to go on and on, I need room for the new ones that pop into my head such as churches,  shopkeepers etc.

My latest scheme is to publish these pages into an IBook. I wonder if that qualifies for a project?

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